Paul had a dream

He wanted to make packaging lined with fleece. Just big enough to fit a spectacles glass.

His wishes

Rotative and in one slide, he thought:

Both mate­ria­ls from the roll

 – gluing -  punching - folding - bonding and the little things are ready.

1.5 million pieces a day, with minimal waste. 

The awakening

What a dreamer, our Paul!

Unfortunately we had to wake him up from his dream!

But of course only after we had built it.

The real solution

Uwe then saw the system in action.

He thought: What they can do with such small things  …

Can it be possible?

Is it possible

... that must also be possible with padded delivery bags.

He always has to be right, our Uwe. At some point it goes to his head.

You don't believe it? You don't have to.
We'll show you!

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