Our parameters

Materials Foils, papers, adhesive materials, membrane, tile, rubber, tapes
Material thicknesses 8µm to 4mm
Roll widths 10mm to 750mm
Web tensions 2N to 500N
Web speeds 0.5m/min to 250m/min
Multilayer 1 layer to 6 layers



The process integration

To develop a machine that gives our customer a real competitive advantage, we need to understand the production process in detail.

We integrate all relevant process steps in our plants. With our know-how, we determine their position and select the appropriate technology. After all, there are some punching, cutting and printing processes, for example.

Depending on the requirements, the system is designed for reel to reel (also Role to Role) or reel to product (also Role to Piece).


The web transport

Proper web transport is critical in a roll processing machine.

Depending on many influencing factors (above), the material webs in a plant behave very differently.

We use a wide range of tools (mechanics/software) to ensure rail transport of the required quality.


Our project planning approach

Our guiding principle: No project planning without material!

Everything starts with the precise inspection of the material to be processed.

This step is crucial for the design of the plant, in terms of mechanics and software.

In this way, we ensure the required product quality, process reliability and output quantity.


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