Flexible Multilayer Label Solutions

State-of-the-art multilayer labels offer great use of space, high flexibility, and last but not least, a host of special features.

Take a look at the many possibilities below, and see how booklets, sandwich labels, sealing labels and much more can make you Stand Out! 

Booklet Labels

Booklet labels are self-adhesive labels containing a folded booklet. 

Through the use of a booklet label a large amount of information can be processed on a limited surface. In a wide variety of formats and flexible designs - square, round, triangular, oval or even special shapes are feasible.

Leaflet Labels

A combination of paper with various labelstock. For product features and promotions. 

Resealable or reclosable, with or without laminate, different opening variants, perforation, and detachable pages. Folding cartons, bottles, jars etc.; adhesion on flat and round surfaces.

Dry Peel Labels

Dry Peel labels are self-adhesive labels printed in one or more colours, on which another label, printed in multiple colors, is positioned.

The top label is completely removed, and is non-adhesive and therefor not replaceable. The base label remains on the product when removing the top label. Dry Peel labels are often used for promotional campaigns or to process more information on a limited area.

Sandwich Labels

A Sandwich Label is a type of multilayer construction with two layers or more. 

With a sandwich coupon or label, the top layer can be removed by means of a perforation or a dry peel. The glue on the removable part is neutralized and can be printed on. These labels are often used for promotional offers, discounts, etc. A Sandwich Label can carry inserted or in-closed products, i.e. a disposable glove on an engine oil container, ink buckets etc.

Piggyback Label

A piggyback label is a double-layer label. The lower layer is stuck to the product and a part or the entire top layer is removable and replaceable elsewhere. 

These labels are often used for promotions such as loyalty cards or identification ‘track & trace’, games, lotteries, medical purposes etc. Piggyback labels can be produced in a variety of materials and adhesives.

Peel &Reseal Labels

A popular type of multilayer label, that enables printing a large amount of information, instructions or different language translations on to the label. 

The resealable label includes a special removable adhesive that allows the label to be opened and closed repeatedly, as well as removed and replaced on the package. Often used in the food market to keep the contents in the packaging fresh, or in the cosmetics market to keep the contents in the package moist.

Wrap-around labels with extended content - pre-curled

The wrap-around label is a multilayer or booklet label, which is bent or curled to make labeling and perfect adhesion directly on small containers much easier.

The wrap-around label is equipped with an opening flap to guarantee easy opening and reclosing. Especially used for chemical, technical, medical or cosmetic products.

Coupon Labels

With a Coupon Label, part of the label can be neutralized. The neutralized area is perforated which allows it to be torn off with ease. The packaging remains underneath the torn-off part. 

The remainder of the label stays attached to the packaging. A Coupon Label can be an inline printed label and married to a pressure sensitive label - or a produced multi-panel foldout label, laminated or glued to a die cut pressure sensitive label. Coupon Labels come in a variety of constructions including dry release, multi-perforation, piggy-back, multi-layer, patterned adhesive and encapsulated.

Top Cards

For example memebership cards, made of cardboard or thin plastic.

Front- and back multi-colour printed. Customizable in a laser printer. By special ‘dry back’ multi project after peeling ‘dry’ - but still replaceable.

Qualification and approval markings

Many proven technical processes. Security die cutting. Numbered tax bands (liquor). Numbering or bar codes. As thermal transfer and laser printing, inkjet. Roll or sheet.

QR-Code-Labels, i.e. digitally printed and combined with security features, containing consecutive numbering or personalization.

Sample Labels and Sample Pockets

Labels or pockets with integrated samples.

For attaching or inserting smaller 3-dimensional objects, such as coins, keys, tickets, tags, spectacle cloths, disposable gloves, packaged pharmaceutical products, single sheets, DVD’s or CD’s, coupons, promotional items, booklets etc. For example, inserting a booklet, RFID-chips, different types of security tags, holograms, and other product in a multilayer sandwich label construction.

Scratch-off Label

Multilayer labels solutions, i.e. sandwich or booklets labels with scratch-off features, such as transparent film with scratch-off coating - entire surface or partially.

 Scratch coating on any printed, adhesive labels. Print on the scratch-off.

Security Label

Security labels encompass a range of technologies, stocks and techniques to achieve different outcomes. 

Security options can include security cuts on the face stock to prevent tampering, tamper seals, void stock, Braille lettering, RFID enabled devices, RF tags, customised QR codes for stock identification and holographic foil options to avoid counterfeiting of products. Security Labels are equipped with most miscellaneous safety features to protect products against misuse. Labels can be furnished with special glues that leave a silvery checkerboard pattern or a VOID-lettering on the surface when the label is pulled off.

Sealing Labels

For sealing, decorating and as evidence of initial opening – and for a wide variety of uses, i.e. food packaging. 

Sealing labels are often designed as decorative labels with the additional function of evidence of the initial opening for packaging applications. Furthermore sealing labels can be used as functional sealing gadgets in form of transparent gluing dots for secondary packaging or postal items. For protection purposes, sealing labels can be made from manipulation-proof, self-adhesive documentary foil that would fall into pieces in case they were peeled off.