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Standing out from the crowd in the competitive field of label printing

Smiles all around from Stehle Etiketten CEO,
Hans-Peter Jerg (left), and Printum GmbH CEO, Bernd Leising.


Stehle Etiketten of Ravensburg-Schmalegg, Germany have gained a competitive edge in the field of label printing, in large part thanks to their state-of-the-art multi-layer label processing line from Printum.

From the offset, Stehle Etiketten set out to find a processing line capable of handling both inline processing with their new digital printing press – producing ready-to-use labels, as well as a wide range of offline processing and refining steps in cooperation with their existing, conventional printing equipment.

Versatile and Close to Home
With that kind of versatility in mind, CEO Hans-Peter Jerg quickly learned that a close cooperation with special machine manufacturer Printum GmbH, also located in Ravensburg, was the right path to success.

“Printum being located in close proximity was a very decisive factor, and the communication was easy with both of us being from Swabia (a cultural region in southwest Germany),” says Hans-Peter Jerg. “More importantly, Bernd Leising and his team of engineers listened closely and came up with solutions that fit our needs, and even went beyond what was originally formulated,” he continues. “With Printum on our team, we have more technology and more possibilities than we originally set out for."

An Exact Match
“Our correspondence began prior to Labelexpo Europe 2015 in Brussels, and to our surprise – and benefit, the processing line Printum was building to bring to the trade show was almost an exact match to the configuration we had in mind. Printum had already established the connection between the digital printing unit and their processing line for multi-layer labels, and the engineers managed to meet all of our other requirements from then on.   

"One thing is clear: high quality comes with a price – and that is also the case with our Printum equipment," says Hans-Peter Jerg. “But when every component is state-of-the-art, the investment is safe. Our machine carries a sturdy, robust design, all modular for easy, flexible configurations and future modifications,” he continues. “If we decide to add on and build new modules at a later date, or even rebuild existing parts, we will not be met by time-consuming road blocks.”

Outstanding Features
An outstanding feature of the Printum system is the possibility to combine several sheets/webs (theoretically up to 10, according to Printum CEO Bernd Leising), and to produce very complex multilayer labels. “The ability to achieve such special features comes from the can-do attitude of the Printum team – no challenge or task is too big, and their engineers are inspired by difficult projects, thrilled to deliver the very best solution, enabling customers to achieve their goals,” says Hans-Peter Jerg.

The Stehle Etiketten converting configuration consists of the following units:

  • Unwind Unit – or web from digital press
  • Festoon
  • BST Web Guide 1
  • Turn Bar Unit
  • BST Web Guide 2
  • Unwind for Additional Web
  • Delamination Unit
  • Flexo Printing Unit 1
  • Flexo Printing Unit 2
  • Corona Treater
  • Relamination Unit
  • Semi-rotative Die Cutting(Kocher + Beck)
  • Web Unwind 1
  • Web Unwind 2
  • Turn Bar Unit
  • Length slitting Unit
  • Semi Automatic Rewinding of small and large rolls

Future Projects
Stehle Etiketten’s processing line is running smoothly, and Hans-Peter Jerg is only concerned with new additions – perhaps a semi-automatic winding point for small rolls, or the possibility of producing even larger rolls.

Hans-Peter Jerg is very happy to have found a partner like Printum, and is looking forward to further tasks and ideas born in this new Ravensburg-based cooperation. “The Printum team is all about solving problems and creating new, innovative solutions, which makes for a very interesting and exiting collaboration," Hans-Peter Jerg concludes.

Printum’s multi-layer label processing line running at Stehle Etiketten in Ravensburg-Schmalegg.