21 June 2021

Printum – repositioned and innovative into the future

Printum has been supporting customers in the label and label environment for many years as they move into new business areas. If the company's own production capabilities and standard solutions on the market are not sufficient to meet specific customer requirements, then the company starts developing a new system. Especially in the field of complex technical labels and packaging products, Printum helps to achieve competitive advantages with its own concepts.

It is Printum's own concepts that make it a special company. Special machine construction therefore takes up most of the daily business. The company, and in particular the two owners Manuel Friedmann and Andreas Weigel, focus on the individual wishes of the customers. After an extensive analysis of the customer's needs, a completely new machine is created, which is then manufactured completely individually.

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Printum GmbH became Printum Technology GmbH in the course of the company succession. Can you briefly describe the company today?

Andreas Weigel: We took over the company in 2020 from the founder and transferor Bernd Leising. He is still on board for two more years and is contributing his experience. He focuses on the areas of sales and product development. Today, we have 20 employees at our Ravensburg site. Today, Printum is a highly recognised specialist in the industry for the development and realisation of customised production lines for the processing of narrow strip roll stock. Customers around the world manufacture products off the roll-on Printum systems – from air filters to fuel cell membranes and printed electronics to multilayer labels – everything is included here. The rotary manufacturing technology used by Printum is thus used across many industries.

“With the appropriate corporate strategy, the three of us agree, we will get through the crisis and come out stronger when the economy picks up.” – Manuel Friedmann –

Where do you see your strengths in business conception?

Manuel Friedmann: In order to solve the craziest requirements of our customers every day, we think big, out of the box, at 360 degrees, around the corner, in great detail – and as creative as possible. Our core competence lies in the rotary processing of narrow web roll stock into multilayer products. Our approach is:
We create competitive advantages for our customers through high process reliability, quality and speed.
Our focus is on customer requirements, and our automation solutions are a means to an end.
Printum systems grow with your company thanks to their intelligent modularity.
As a special machinery manufacturer, we have focused on the segments of labels finishing, value printing, packaging and chemicals.

View of the production facility of Printum Technology GmbH in Ravensburg, Germany

A look at the technical concept should not be missing.

Weigel: We currently have around 80 installed systems on the market – mainly in Europe. Our customers produce on it: Multilabel labels, membrane electrode units for fuel cells, insulators for battery production, specialty shipping bags, printed electronics, glue traps, motorway vignettes and more. To explain the respective technique here would take up a lot of space.

Let's talk about you again and your current distribution of tasks.

Friedmann: While Andreas Weigel focuses on sales realignment and internationalisation, I take care of building an organisation that can keep up with the planned growth. Which, of course, is not exactly easy at the moment. Against the background of the current corona pandemic, the timing could hardly have been worse for a company takeover. However, even before the crisis, we were convinced of the innovative strength and performance of Mr Leising and his team. With the appropriate corporate strategy, we will come through the crisis and emerge stronger when the economy picks up.

Printum's microporous deflection roller can be used to produce even difficult products that may contain adhesives

As a special machine builder, do you offer various products?

Weigel: At the moment, I could introduce two special features: the Printum multilayer kit and our microporous turner bar. The Printum Multilayer Kit has been specially designed for the production of multilayer labels. It is offered as a module and is therefore quickly installed and fits seamlessly into the usual production process. This means it enables customers to maximise their product portfolio and expand business opportunities – all at minimal investment cost. Our microporous turning bar is always a source of amazement and enthusiasm among customers. Thanks to its special technology, it ensures contact-free web guiding and is thus naturally particularly suitable for the exact deflection of adhesive or sensitive materials. Particularly in the label sector, where materials containing adhesive have to be processed, this technology ensures problem-free web guidance and avoids unnecessary stoppers or even adhesive residues on the rollers.

“The rotary manufacturing technology used by Printum is used across all sectors in many different industries.” – Andreas Weigel –

A look into the future: Where are you heading with Printum and what can customers expect?

Friedmann: We want to be the preferred international innovation partner for the rotary processing of narrow strip roll stock – regardless of the industry. Our customers benefit from the experience we have gained in other industries.

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