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The Printum path

Be inspired by the success of others.


The label printer's dilemma

Dare or not dare to take the step into multiple layers? That is the question.

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Printum - Rotative helps with abdominal pain

Akihiko and the battery factory

The Japanese battery factory and the German specialists.


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Paul dreams of bags

1.5 million packages in a day, with minimal waste. A dream will come true.

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Their head start!

  • Specialized: Development of special machines for the rotary processing of narrow tape roll goods
  • Professional: Reliable and efficient implementation of projects with an excellent partner network
  • Customer-centered: Focused on individual customer requirements with the highest demands on quality, process reliability & Production output
  • Fit for the future: Creative innovation partner through co-creation together with the customer

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Printum products - the distillate of our solutions

Each challenge is unique, but some

We have therefore distilled the following products
from the most proven solutions for recurring challenges.

Printum Multilayer Kit

3 layers from one web

Many benefits, few costs. Up to three-layer labels on your label printing machine.
You don't believe it?
Let's prove it to you!

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Printum microporous turning bar

Why roll when you can float.

Almost like magic - non-contact web guidance with the Printum microporous turning bar. The solution for sticky or sensitive materials

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Latest News

Printum - repositioned and innovative into the future (german article)

Printum begleitet die Kunden im Etiketten- und Label-Umfeld seit vielen Jahren dabei, in neue Geschäftsfelder vorzudringen. Wenn die eigenen Produktionsmöglichkeiten und Standardlösungen am Markt nicht ausreichen, um spezielle Kundenanforderungen zu erfüllen, dann beginn das…

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With their "Die…

The WeiterMacher continue